Who doesn't like Goodhead? Posted on 31 Jan 23:46 , 0 comments

About a year-and-a-half ago, I was working in a machine shop and becoming very fond of hardcourt bike polo.

The two things had nothing to do with each other until it occurred to me that I could make my own mallet heads on the CNC lathes at work. So I made some, about 15, with sub-standard but pretty inexpensive HDPE. I traded them for ski poles and six packs, and sometimes a ten dollar bill. They wore quickly on the uneven surface and cracks of our local court.

The second small run I made from UHMW polyethylene. Local players appreciated them much more, and the heads came just in time to quell complaints about the first run. Another 20 ended up being used, including by a few out-of-towners who came to Winnipeg for one of the excellent tournaments hosted by the Winnipeg Urban Polo Association (WUPAss). 

That was enough interest to warrant a third run, about 80 in all. Of those, I managed to sell a few dozen to a local bike shop that set up a polo section. The shop is called Natural Cycle -- great bike shop. And I sold a bunch more to more out-of-towners.

With the heads that were left as the start of an inventory, and drunk with the idea of being an exporting manufacturer who gives people good mallet heads, I decided on a fourth run and that brings us here. 

Please buy all the heads I have. More plastic is on the way. If you buy one, please tell me how to make it better.